505.05 Educational Programs

The District's colleges shall, as appropriate, offer courses leading to the Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts Degrees, Baccalaureate and/or certificates and diplomas as listed in the District catalogs. General education programs shall include all other credit courses not included in Sections 505.10 and 505.15.

505.10 Academic Transfer (Liberal Studies)

The District colleges shall offer a comprehensive program of courses leading to two-year Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. The Associate of Arts degree curriculum and credits shall be designed to meet the general transfer requirements of four-year colleges and universities.

505.15 Basic Education

The District's colleges shall offer a comprehensive Basic Education Program.

  • 505.15.1 This program shall include adult courses designed to improve skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition as applicable, the colleges shall maintain Americanization, Naturalization and English as a Second Language courses in conjunction with the basic education effort.
  • 505.15.2 As part of the basic education effort, the District's colleges shall, to the extent possible, maintain and offer a high school program for those individuals who desire to complete requirements for a high school diploma or to prepare themselves for entry into other college programs.

505.20 Occupational Preparatory

The District's colleges shall, as appropriate, offer comprehensive courses and programs providing basic occupational skills to prepare students for career entry into business, industry and associated professions.

505.25 Occupational Supplementary (Extension)

The District's colleges shall offer comprehensive courses and programs to supplement and augment the skills of individuals currently employed. These courses shall be intended to prepare individuals for positions of increased responsibility and leadership and to provide an opportunity to upgrade existing skills in order to maintain employment or to advance in employment.

505.30 Apprentice Related Training

The District's colleges shall, as appropriate, offer apprentice-related training courses for occupations requested by joint apprenticeship committees and as defined by the Washington State Apprenticeship Council. Courses in the program will be for indentured apprentices and, as such, are not generally open for other enrollment.

505.35 Career/Technical Education Advisory Committees

Advisory committees for vocational and technical education are considered essential to the establishment and operation of vocational and technical education programs. The operation of such technical advisory committees is described in the Seattle College District Advisory Handbook.

505.40 Educational Program Approval

The District's colleges shall, as required, participate in the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges vocational education program planning and approval process. Special emphasis shall be placed on the appropriate involvement of District educational program coordination, advisory committee recommendations, employment forecasting, student and community needs, regional college input and State Board for Community and Technical Colleges capital and operations planning systems.

505.50 Community Service

  • 505.50.1 The District's colleges shall, as appropriate, offer non-credit courses and programs which offer broad opportunities in cultural, recreational and other areas which may be of interest and service to the community at large.
  • 505.50.2 As part of these efforts, the colleges may cooperatively participate with other agencies and groups in the development and operation of community school activities.

505.60 Special Programs

The District's colleges may, as appropriate, through grants, endowments, gifts or other support sources, develop and conduct special educational programs, activities and services which are supportive to the mission, purposes and goals of the District and are not in conflict with the instructional policies and procedures as set forth in the 500 series of this Policies Manual.

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Adoption Date : 1985/04/02
Revision Date : 2014/09/08