475.10 Guidelines for Professional Leave

Professional leave for exempt employees is for the propose of demonstrably improving professional capabilities and knowledge and thus enhancing the potential for contribution to the institution and its goals.

475.15 Eligibility

To be eligible for professional leave, an exempt employee must have completed three (3) or more years of full-time employment with SCD.

475.20 Decision of the Appointing Authority

The final decision to grant a professional leave to an exempt employee rests with the District Chancellor. The decision must take into consideration all cost factors involved with the leave and for filling the vacated position. Professional leaves consistent with this procedure will be funded through the District Professional Development budget. Professional leave requests funded with individual college funds will be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor.

475.30 Other Factors in Granting Leave

Major factors in evaluating the request for professional leave will include cost considerations, the employee's professional leave application, demonstrated resources and feasibility of the proposal.

475.35 Length of Professional Leave

An exempt employee may be granted professional leave for a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of one quarter.

475.40 Leave Extensions

The recipient of professional leave may request additional leave without pay beyond the approved professional leave period. Approval for any additional leave period must be obtained from the College President and District Chancellor prior to a leave extension. The College President and District Chancellor will stipulate the conditions and terms upon which additional leave will be granted.

475.45 Compensation

An exempt employee who is granted professional leave will receive 100 percent of salary during the length of the leave.

Where applicable, employees on Return-to-Industry Leave, will have compensation, if any, received from this employer, deducted from their SCD salary, so that earnings during the Return-to-Industry Leave period do not exceed 100% of their SCD base compensation.

475.50 Committed Service Upon Return From Leave

Recipients of professional leave must agree in writing to return to the SCD immediately upon completion of leave for a period equal to the length of the leave granted. If the recipient does not return to SCD employment from professional leaves as specified, or following the termination of an extension of the leave without pay, the recipient will refund all pay received during the leave period.

475.55 Employment by the District

An exempt employee who is awarded professional leave may not be employed by the SCD during the period of the leave.

475.60 Status Upon Return from Leave

At the conclusion of the approved leave the District agrees to continue such employees in the same position or comparable position, and at a salary no less than the one received when departing on leave.

475.65 Written Report

Recipients of professional leave will submit three copies of a written report concerning their professional leave activities within sixty (60) days after returning from professional leave. One copy of this report will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor. Two copies will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources (1DO100).

475.70 Fringe Benefit Status

Employees will continue to accrue all fringe benefits during the period of any paid professional leave. Insurance and retirement contributions will continue to be made through regular payroll deductions. Employees on leave without compensation may make separate arrangements with the District payroll office to continue their benefit programs through an approved reimbursement process.

475.75 Applications for Professional Leave

Exempt employees who wish to apply for professional leave must submit their application for exempt employee professional leave by March 1 of each year to their appropriate supervisor who will submit the application to the College President.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1984/02/28
Revision Date : 2002/01/04