473.10 Sick and Emergency

  • 473.10.01 Exempt employees who are employed on a regular, annual contract shall accrue sick leave at the rate of eight (8) hours per month for each month of completed service. Accrued sick leave shall be reimbursed upon separation in accordance with state law.
  • 473.10.02 Exempt employees who work 50% or more shall accrue pro-rated sick leave benefits at the same rate as their employment schedule bears to a full-time schedule.

473.20 Statement of Accrued Leave

The individual exempt employee and his/her direct supervisor share the responsibility for recording and reporting sick and emergency leave usage monthly on the report form provided.

473.40 Accrued Sick Leave

Accrued sick leave may be used during the temporary disability resulting from pregnancy. Use of Emergency Leave is deducted from accrued sick leave

473.50 Fringe Benefit Status

Employees on leave with pay may continue their benefit programs through payroll deduction.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1992/02/06
Revision Date : 2009/03/23