470.10 Length of Contracts

The District may extend a contract to administrative employees to cover one fiscal year. A contract with an individual with the title of Senior Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor/President may be for up to two years. However, a contract of less than one fiscal year may be extended to any administrative employee by the appointing authority. If any of the terms and conditions of an individual contract conflict with these procedures, these procedures shall prevail, except that for Vice Chancellor contracts, the individual contract shall prevail.

470.20 Job Description

The appointing authority may change the content of the administrator's job description and/or his/her job duties at any time. With thirty (30) days written notice, the salary may be adjusted by the appointing authority to reflect the changed job description/duties.

470.30 Administrative Employment Contracts

  • 470.30.1 Contents

    An administrative employment contract will contain at least the following: the name of the administrator, the approved title for the position, the beginning and ending dates of the contract, the salary, and the position's salary range.

  • 470.30.2 Copies of the Contract

    Copies of the signed contract shall be given to the administrator, the appointing and the District Human Resources Office.

470.40 Renewal of Contracts

Prior to July 1 each year, administrative employment contracts will be renewed by the appointing authority for the period commencing July 1.

470.60 Breaking of the Contractual Relationship

An administrative employment contract may be terminated at any time with the mutual consent of the employee and the appointing authority. It may also be terminated by the appointing authority prior to the ending day of the contract in accordance with these procedures.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1983/07/05
Revision Date : 1983/07/05