469.10 Factors to Be Considered in the Placement of a Position Within a Grade

Factors to be considered in the placement of a position within a grade of the Administrative Salary Schedule shall include:

  • 469.10.1 Job responsibilities and contribution of the position to the overall objectives of the institution.
  • 469.10.2 Criteria related to education.
  • 469.10.3 Experience required by the position
  • 460.10.4 The job description for the position shall be the basis for the evaluation of these factors.

469.20 Assignment of an Administrative Employee to a Position

The appointing authority is responsible for assigning each administrative employee to a position within an approved grade. Factors to be considered in assigning the employee within the salary grade shall include education and experience. Assignment of all administrative employees to a salary shall be with the approval of the Chancellor/District President.

469.30 Review of Grade Placement

An individual may request a review of the grade or step placement by the District Human Resources Office. The request for review should be submitted in writing to that office. Upon review no salary adjustment shall be made beyond the midpoint of the salary range without approval of the Chancellor/District President.

469.40 Method by Which Initial Grade Placement Occurs

The college President or District Officer upon consultation with the District Human Resources Office will recommend to the appointing authority (Chancellor/District President) the grade placement of an administrative position within the respective component. The Chancellor/District President will make the final determination.

469.70 Assignment of Employees to Another Position.

College presidents and District officers, with the concurrence of the District President may assign administrative employees to another position on the Administrative Salary Schedule at anytime, providing that the position has been described as outlined in procedures 466.10 and assigned to the schedule as provided in procedure 469.10 and in accordance with the District's Affirmative Action POLICY and nay negotiated agreements or statutory limitations.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1976/12/06
Revision Date : 1976/12/06