468.10 Format of the Administrative Salary Schedule

The basic format of the Administrative Salary Schedule will consist of a series of:

  • 468.10.1 Grades which reflect the level of responsibility and the contribution to the overall objectives of the institution
  • 468.10.2 Placement will be made to reflect the experience factor within the grade.

468.20 Assignment of Dollar Amounts to Administrative Pay Grades

  • 468.20.1 Each grade will have a minimum and maximum dollar amount assigned to it. The dollar amount will represent an annual salary.
  • 468.20.2 The salaries shown on the Administrative Salary Schedule are based on the assumption of an average eight-hour day and an average 40-hour work week.

468.30 Publication of the Administrative Salary Schedule

The Human Resources Office will publish an updated Administrative Salary Schedule at least once each year or more frequently if major changes to dollar amounts or position/title assignments occur.

468.50 Changes to Administrative Salary Schedule

The Chancellor/District President shall approve any changes to the Administrative Salary Schedule.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1976/12/06
Revision Date : 1976/12/06