466.10 Preparation of an Administrative/Exempt Managerial Professional Job Description

Working cooperatively, the administrator and the administrator's direct supervisor will develop an appropriate job description which contains, but is not limited to:

  • 466.10.1 The title of the job and the administrative code number specified by the SBCTC.
  • 466.10.2 The salary grade for the job.
  • 466.10.3 The primary administrative responsibilities included in the job.
  • 466.10.4 The specific duties and responsibilities included in the job.
  • 466.10.5 The minimum specific qualifications required for performance.
  • 466.10.6 Employment conditions: length of work year (i.e., number of work days), reporting relationships and any other special conditions of the job.
  • 466.10.7 The direct supervisor of a newly created administrative job will be responsible for preparing a proposed job description including grade, step, and proposed salary and forwarding it to the appointing authority for approval.

466.20 Maintenance of Job Description Files

The Vice Chancellor of Human Resources will maintain a file of all approved job descriptions for administrative positions within the District.

466.30 Review of Job Description

Each administrative job description shall be reviewed by the appointing authority at least once each year to assure that it accurately reflects the requirements of the job. Reviews may be conducted more frequently if job content changes substantially.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1976/12/06
Revision Date : 1976/12/06