This procedure applies to all exempt and classified staff. A telecommuting arrangement can be initiated upon the employee’s request. Supervisors must determine the feasibility of the proposed telecommuting arrangement, then work in conjunction with the employee to come up with a telecommuting agreement. Not all work situations are suitable for telecommuting and not all proposals will be approved.

The Telecommuting Agreement form can be found here. Once completed by the employee and approved by the supervisor, the supervisor will keep the original document on file and provide a copy to the employee. Unless otherwise noted, the agreement is valid for one year and eligible for extension thereafter. At any point prior to the expiration date, the supervisor and employee may mutually agree to revisit the agreement and make any changes as necessary.

Telecommuting is limited to a maximum of three days per week. The employee agrees to remain accessible during designated work hours and understands that the supervisor retains the right to modify the agreement on a temporary basis as a result of operational necessity. Employees may be required to report to work on a telecommuting day if required by the supervisor.

Subject to supervisor approval, the employee’s department may provide the general office supplies needed by the employee to complete job duties. The employee agrees to use SCD-owned property for official college business only. Any property loaned belongs to SCD and must be returned by the end of the same day as the termination of the Telecommuting Agreement. Employees are liable for any intentional damage to loaned equipment and all costs related to the preparation or use of the alternate worksite. The contents of any personal computers used to conduct official college business remains subject to the Washington State Public Records Act and other applicable regulations.

The supervisor may arrange for the employee to connect on the campus network by remote login through the respective IT department. If appropriate, an arrangement for telephone forwarding services may also be considered. Employees will take any precautions necessary to keep proprietary information confidential and prevent unauthorized access to any college system from their alternate worksite.

Telecommuting agreements may be terminated by the supervisor with a minimum of three days’ notice. Proposals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are approved or denied at the sole discretion of the direct supervisor.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 2016/10/24
Revision Date : 0001/01/01