415.10 Governing Structure

  • 415.10.1 District-wide Staff Development Coordinator

    The District chief human resources officer shall act as a District-wide Staff Development Coordinator.

    The Coordinator shall coordinate the District-wide Staff Development program and act as a coordinating body for the campus advisory boards.

    The Coordinator shall have the following responsibilities:

    1. Publish a quarterly schedule of activities available to all District employees based on input from the campus advisory boards.
    2. Recommend training time POLICY for support staff regarding participation in staff development activities in conjunction with campus advisory boards.
    3. Work cooperatively with campus advisory boards to establish the standards for selecting staff to serve as group leaders for the staff development program.
    4. Based on input from campus advisory boards, recommend a POLICY for administering the equitable allocation of funds throughout the District.
    5. The Coordinator shall have the assistance of a resource person to assist in the following duties:
      1. Maintenance of records of all training activities, including counts on the number of participants.
      2. Maintain accounting records and process financial documents when necessary.
  • 415.10.2 Campus Staff Development Advisory Boards The composition of the campus advisory boards shall be determined by the respective campuses. The individual campus boards shall the following responsibilities:
    1. Recommend a quarterly schedule of activities based on input from staff. This schedule shall be forwarded to the District-wide Staff Development Coordinator for consolidation with other campus activities to avoid unnecessary duplication.
    2. Distribute information concerning campus training activities.
    3. Provide surveys to identify future offerings, evaluate past activities, and identify training needs unique to their campus.

415.20 Training Time and Participation in Staff Development Program Activities

  • 415.20.1 Training Time

    Training time is defined as that time during which an employee is released from normal work duties but compensated at regular pay to participate in staff development activities offered by Seattle College District.

    Such involvement in training sessions is considered a formal part of any staff members work or contribution to the institution. As such, employees who participate in a staff development activity may not be required to "make up" subject time

  • 415.20.2 Participation
    1. All staff employees shall be eligible and allowed to participate.
    2. All activities shall be authorized by the respective campus advisory boards and offered through the auspices of the SCD Staff Development program.
    3. Employee participation and time away from the job will be determined cooperatively by the employee and immediate supervisor.
    4. The employee and his/her supervisor shall insure that adequate coverage is available during absence from their stations due to participation in staff development activities.
    5. Supervisors shall make every effort to insure employee participation in staff development activities.
    6. The campus advisory board which initiates a training activity shall have first priority in the location and participation of such activity.

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Adoption Date : 1976/05/03
Revision Date : 2005/07/11