414.10 Personnel Records

  • 414.10.1 Except for routine administrative documents such as employment notices, no information will be placed in district master personnel folders unless information copies have been furnished to the individuals concerned. File copies will be initialed by individuals to indicate receipt of information. Where required by college administrative procedures, individual files of routine administrative documents will be maintained in instructional or presidential offices.
  • 414.10.2 Any employee may review the contents of his or her own personnel file by appointment with the District human resources department. Except for routine administrative matters or court order, files will be open to any other individual only with the written permission of the employee.
  • 414.10.3 No information shall be used to affect the employment status of a staff member unless it has been placed in the District master personnel file.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1973/09/11
Revision Date : 2005/07/11