355.05 Definition

The student government organization is the student association recognized by the Board of Trustees as the established representative of all students enrolled on each campus.

355.10 Constitution Development

Student governments are considered internally self-determined to the extent that they comply with campus regulations, District policies and procedures, and state law.

  • 355.10.1 New student government constitutions and revisions to existing constitutions must be developed by a student-established, student-majority committee.
  • 355.10.2 Student government procedures shall be developed through the cooperative efforts of the student government organization, campus administration, and the director of student programs.
  • 355.10.3 New or revised constitutions must be reviewed by campus administration then be approved by a majority of the students voting in a campus referendum, and then by the Board of Trustees.
  • 355.10.4 After approval of a new or revised constitution, no new referendum may be called for at least two years, unless otherwise requested by the Board of Trustees, or campus administration.

355.15 Compliance

  • 355.15.1 Any student government organization whose constitution has been approved by the Board of Trustees shall operate under that constitution
  • 355.15.2 The current student government constitution shall be recognized until compliance with the new/revised constitution can be achieved.
  • 355.15.3 Should the student government organization fail to comply with the constitution within one year of adoption, then a campus-wide student majority committee will be established by the chief Student Services officer to develop a constitution for approval by a majority of the students voting in a campus referendum and by the Board of Trustees.

355.20 Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities of Students

  • 355.20.1 Freedom of Association

    Students shall be free to organize and join associations to promote their common interests.

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Adoption Date : 1984/01/09
Revision Date : 1996/05/16