When a new employee begins work at Seattle Colleges, they are set up to receive announcements sent to all employees across the District and at each College. These emails are used to transmit official business of the District and/or Colleges.

Members of District and Campus Leadership (Board of Trustees members, Chancellor, President, Vice Chancellor, and Vice Presidents) shall have authority to use the All Distribution List to send email communications and delegate this ability to appropriate college officers (District and Campus Leadership and their designees). Employee representative union presidents, or their designee, will be given an account that has authority to send mass email communications to their members for representational and other purposes outlined in their respective contracts.

As an institution of higher learning, we recognize and value the need for public discourse and consider that essential to delivering on our mission. To facilitate campus debate, the District will provide separate un-moderated emails ( conversations.siegal@lists.seattlecolleges.edu, conversations.central@lists.seattlecolleges.edu, conversations.south@lists.seattlecolleges.edu, and conversations.north@lists.seattlecolleges.edu ) for employees wishing to engage in civil and respectful dialogue relevant to our community. While the lists are un-moderated, all rules governing email use at both the State and District level apply as well. Those wishing to participate in those exchanges would need to opt-in to begin receiving emails and participate in the discussion.

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Adoption Date : 2017/03/09
Revision Date : 0001/01/01