246.10 Mass Transit Pass Subsidy Program

  • 246.10.1 Subsidy Amount

    The subsidy (discount) amount will not exceed the current tax-free subsidy allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. The District Cabinet will set the rate.

  • 246.10.2 Eligibility

    Permanent employees, 50% full-time or more, temporary employees, 50% full-time or more, are eligible to receive a quarterly GoPass from the campus transportation coordinator after payment of the current quarter's TMP fee. Students enrolled in ten (10) or more college credits of courses and who pay the quarterly TMP fee are eligible to purchase one quarterly GoPass from the campus cashier at the subsidized price.

  • 246.10.3 Participation

    To participate in the mass transit subsidy program, employees cannot purchase college parking permits.

  • 246.10.4 Monthly Metro Passes
    1. Availability

      Monthly Metro passes can be purchased at the college bookstore at Central or South Campus where qualifying students will pay the then current full price minus the current discount amount.

    2. Application for Purchase of Monthly Metro Passes on Campus

      A qualified student wanting to purchase a subsidized monthly Metro pass should inquire at the campus Cashier's Office. The student will be issued a subsidy voucher that may be submitted at the campus bookstore as partial payment for a monthly bus pass. Only one voucher will be issued per student each quarter.

  • 246.10.5 Quarterly GoPasses (Metro service) and All Non- King County Passes
    1. Students

      A qualified student may purchase a subsidized GoPass (Metro pass for the school quarter) at the campus Cashier's Office. The student may obtain a GoPass upon payment of the reduced price.

    2. Employees

      A qualified employee wanting a GoPass may obtain one at the campus transportation coordinator's office.

    3. Reimbursement of Subsidy Amount for Mothly and Quarterly Non-King County (Metro) Passes

      A qualified employee or student who commutes to the campus on a non-King County mode of mass transit may submit their receipt verifying purchase of a monthly or quarterly pass to the campus transportation coordinator. Reimbursment will be made by check up to the current subsidy amount.

  • 246.10.6 Replacement Passes

    No replacement passes will be issued. Upon reporting a lost student GoPass to the campus transportation coordinator, a one-time subsidy voucher will be issued that may be used toward the purchase of a monthly pass at the campus bookstore.

246.20 Carpool Program

  • 246.20.1 Eligibility
    1. All qualified employees and students as in 246.10.2 participants.
    2. A carpool is defined as two or more people who commute together, at least fifty (50) percent of the carpool's longest individual commute distance. Participants must be old enough to be eligible for a Washington State driver's license.
  • 246.20.2 Application Process
    1. The Seattle College District employee or student may request an application form at the campus transportation office.
    2. The campus transportation coordinator will review the application to verify information.
    3. Upon approval of the application, a carpool permit will be issued and the regular parking permit(s) canceled.
    4. The carpool employee will pay the discounted carpool parking rate as established annually.
    5. Seattle College District employees and students in the carpool program may be eligible for other benefits as described at the transportation coordinator's office.

      Designated carpool stalls are available on each campus.

246.30 Employee Temporary Parking Permit/Emergency Transportation Program

  • 246.30.1 Intent

    The intent of this service will be to allow temporary parking or emergency transportation for qualified bus/carpool user when needed. These two services would be used for those times when a qualified bus/carpool user needs an automobile/transportation for medical appointment(s), special events, etc. For temporary parking permits requests there will be a maximum of four (4) per month, non-accumulative.

  • 246.30.2 Eligibility

    To be eligible, the Seattle College District employee must be a participant in the Seattle College District Mass Transit Subsidy or Carpool Program.

  • 246.30.3 Temporary Parking Permits
    1. Requesting a Temporary Parking Permit

      On the day the employee needs to drive, the employee will go to one of the following locations and request a temporary parking permit:

      • Central Campus - Parking Garage Gate House
      • North Campus - Visitor's Information Office
      • South Campus - Transportation Coordinator's or Cashier

      The employee's name will be checked with a list of qualified bus/carpool users to confirm eligibility for parking approval.

    2. Approval of Request for a Temporary Parking Permit

      If qualified and approved, the employee will be allowed to park for that day.

  • 246.30.4 Emergency Transportation
    1. Availability

      When a qualified mass transit/carpool user requires transportation for an emergency, a taxi cab or campus vehicle will be used.

    2. Definition of an Emergency

      An emergency is to be considered personal illness, family illness, family emergency, etc.

    3. Requesting Emergency Transportation

      The qualified employee will inform his or her supervisor of the need for emergency transportation, and if approved, the employee will arrange for transportation by contacting the campus or district transportation coordinator. He/she will issue a voucher for the employee to give to the driver. The employee will need to show the taxi driver their picture identification with the voucher for payment.

    4. Payment for Emergency Transportation

      The employee may need to pay the full cab fare at the time of the ride and obtain a receipt from the taxi driver for reimbursement. The receipt shall include the following information: cab number, mileage, location of pick-up and drop-off, and the driver's signature, If the employee has no funds for cab fare, the employee may go to the campus business office to receive financial assistance.

    5. Requesting Reimbursement

      Upon returning to the work place, the employee should complete a petty cash reimbursement form, attach the receipt, and process the form through proper department channels.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1993/10/05
Revision Date : 1993/10/05