239.10 The Siegal Center and campus mailrooms are responsible for processing, in a timely manner, the following two general classifications of mail related to the business of the Seattle College District:

  1. Non-postage mail (within Siegal Center/campus)
    Mail for which "U.S. Postage" is not required in its processing.
  2. Postage mail
    Mail for which "U.S. Postage" has been, or must be applied in its processing.

239.20 All incoming Siegal Center and campus mail is to be delivered/processed to the addressee indicated. Such mail will only be opened in the mailroom when the college mail stop cannot be identified.

Additionally, all checks and payments should be delivered directly to the Campus Business Office.

239.30 On outgoing "postage mail," the mailing department shall:

  • 239.30.1 Indicate the department name in the return address of the envelope.
  • 239.30.2 For printed material mailings of 200 or more envelopes, the mailing departments to bundle such mail in zip code sequence.
  • 239.30.3 Postage is to be applied in the mailroom for official Siegal Center and campus mail only, and is to be processed using the most favorable postage rate available to meet the delivery requirements.
  • 239.30.4 The mailroom, may elect to use carriers other than the U.S. Postal Service in the processing of materials for delivery.
  • 239.30.5 Outgoing postage mail may only be opened in the mailroom to determine applicable Siegal Center/campus postage classification when the campus return address does not reflect the name of the mailing department.

239.40 The Siegal Center and campuses have no residential or private business function; therefore, Seattle College District employees may not use the Siegal Center or campus address as a residential or business address for the purpose of receiving U.S. mail. Personal, stamped, outgoing U.S. mail should not be placed in the off-campus U.S. mail depositories and will not be accepted for mailing in any instance where its volume or nature, in the judgment of the mail personnel, contributes to substantial work load or costs.

239.50 Siegal Center and campus mail service may not be used on a reimbursement basis for mailing of non-college material.

239.60 Mailroom personnel will notify the appropriate supervisor regarding any mail which, in their judgment, may not be related to the business of the district. Following supervisor's review and approval, the mail will be processed. Unapproved mail will be returned to the sender.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1982/11/01
Revision Date : 2013/09/09