217.10 Access Request

217.10.1 Requests for Access

Employees may request access to databases, reports, query systems, and reporting systems based on their work output requirements. Employees may submit requests, with supervisor's approval, to the individuals listed in the "Approved Authority" section below.

Requests may be made by email or by completion of a Request for Authorization. The request must include the following information:

  1. Employee's full name;
  2. Employee's SID;
  3. Employee's campus and department;
  4. Supervisor's name;
  5. Supervisor's title;
  6. Brief description of why the access is necessary;
  7. List of process(es) requested; and
  8. Level of each process requested.

217.20 Approval Authority

Requests for access must be approved by the following positions at campus and district levels as indicated:

Access Campus Approval District Approval
FMS-Accounting Campus Business Office District Business Office
FMS-Budget Campus Business Office District Business Office
FAE-Equipment Campus Business Office District Business Office
FAE-Buildings, Rooms Campus Business Office District Business Office
PPMS-Payroll Campus Business Office Employee Services
PPMS-Human Resources Campus Business Office District Employee Services
SMS-Registration Registrar / TBD by Student Services District Accounting
SMS-Admissions Director of Admissions / TBD by Student Services None
SMS-Courses VP, Instruction / TBD by Student Services District Vice Chancellor’s Office
SMS-Advising and Testing Advising Manager / TBD by Student Services None
FAID Financial Aid Director District Accounting
Cashiering Campus Business Office District Accounting Mgr
Employee Contracts Campus Business Office District Employee Services
Room Scheduling VP, Instruction None
Public Folders Business Office Business Office
Reporting Services Business Office Business Office
FMS Query Business Office Business Office
Other Business Operating Systems Campus Business Office District Business Office

Approvals may be obtained from supervisors of the listed positions in the event of extended absences or vacancies of these positions. Approvals may also be accepted where the listed authority has, in writing, designated a proxy.

217.30 Access Implementation

Approvals are forwarded to the District IT at Siegal Center for implementation. Each user requesting access will be provided with a unique set of user ID, password, and screen access. District IT will provide written notification once access has been established which will include instructions on how to log into the system, passwords, and information regarding security policy.

217.40 Reviews and Revisions

217.40.1 Requests for additions or changes to existing access levels and requests for deletion of access must be submitted in the same manner as an original request for access. In the case of security breaches, actual or suspected, a user's access may be modified or deleted by a supervisor's phone request, providing the request is followed by one via email or memo.

217.40.2 District IT should be notified of an employee termination at the same time a termination notice is submitted for that employee. Upon receipt of such notification, the terminated employee's access will be modified so as to exclude anyone from using that employee's access.

217.40.3 District IT Lift & Shift project removed the HP User Security report needed to accomplish this procedure. SBCTC-IT is looking into developing a new method to provide this report.

217.40.4 District IT will maintain records for review by the Internal Controls Manager.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1997/08/08
Revision Date : 2014/02/14