• 212.10 Employees authorized to contact the State Attorney General's Office directly are:

    Chancellor and/or his/her designee
    Vice Chancellor, Education and Planning
    Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance
    Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
    Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
    President/Vice Chancellor, North Seattle College and/or designee
    President/Vice Chancellor, Seattle Central College and/or designee
    President/Vice Chancellor, South Seattle College and/or designee
    Executive Director, Seattle Vocational Institute and/or designee

    All other persons having legal questions should route their inquiries to the appropriate above-named individuals.

  • 212.20 If emergency situations occur, affected personnel may contact the Attorney General's Office.
  • 212.30 Seattle College District employees and students requesting information concerning District legal matters should forward such requests through the appropriate campus or district administrator listed above.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1981/04/05
Revision Date : 1993/06/11