• 210.10 The responsible official shall prepare a "Declaration of Significance/Non-significance" for each capital construction proposal or other major action.
  • 210.20 The responsible official shall make a "threshold determination" (a decision whether or not an environmental impact statement is required) following procedures contained in WAC 197-11-300 through 197-11-390. An environmental checklist must be completed in the determination process except for exemptions noted in WAC 197-11-908, or when it is determined an environmental statement is required.
  • 210.30 A "Declaration of Non-significance" statement will be prepared if the determination is one of no adverse impact.
  • 210.40 A "Declaration of Significance" will be prepared if the determination is one of significant impact, and the Environmental Impact Statement preparation procedure (WAC 197-11-400 through 197-11-680) will be initiated.
  • 210.50 Detailed instructions for filing and preparation for the above are contained in WAC 197-11-400 through 197-11-680.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1981/04/05
Revision Date : 2013/08/12