150.10 Adoption of New Policy

  • 150.10.1 Any individual may propose new policies, revisions to or deletion of present policies.
  • 150.10.2 Suggestions are forwarded to the office of a college president or district vice chancellor.
  • 150.10.3 The office of the college president or vice chancellor is responsible for assisting individuals in preparing policy statements for review by appropriate groups.
  • 150.10.4 Upon completion of the final draft, the proposed policy is presented to the chancellor for consideration.
  • 150.10.5 After Cabinet review, and approval by the chancellor, the proposed policy is submitted to the Board of Trustees for a first reading and to a subsequent meeting for approval. Advance public notice via Board meeting agenda will be given indicating that the Board intends to consider hearing a new policy or is modifying an existing one.
  • 150.10.6 After Board approval, the new or revised policy will be distributed to manual users.

150.20 Policy Revision

Revision of a policy will require the same steps as outlined in 150.10.

150.30 Policy Deletions

Deletion of any policy from the manual will require Board of Trustees action, and will require the same steps as outlined in 150.10.

150.40 Procedure Development, Revisions or Deletions

Procedures requiring development, revisions or deletions will be drafted by appropriate offices/individuals with assistance from the office of the appropriate college president or vice chancellor if required. The developed, revised or deleted procedure(s) will be transmitted in draft form to the Chancellor's Cabinet and the college District union presidents ten (10) days prior to review by the Chancellor's Cabinet. New procedures, revisions or deletions to procedures are considered final after review by the Chancellor's Cabinet and approval by the chancellor.

150.50 Washington Administrative Code

Additions, revisions or deletions to the Seattle Colleges District policies and procedures manual may affect the status of existing or proposed Washington Administrative Codes. Refer to Policy 256, "Establishment of Washington Administrative Code for Seattle Colleges District."

150.60 Distribution of Approved Policies/Procedures

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Adoption Date : 1985/10/15
Revision Date : 2019/10/10