It shall be the policy of the Seattle College District VI Board of Trustees to recognize the responsibility for protecting the rights, well-being and personal privacy of individuals, assuring a favorable climate for the conduct of academically oriented inquiry, and protecting the interests of the institution. This policy addresses classroom, laboratory and clinical activities such as those in the health professions and biological sciences where learning by students requires the use of human subjects as part of demonstrations or experiments.

This policy is not intended to cover the ordinary and expected risks to which students are exposed as they engage in the usual activities and class participation of the college or institute. It does, however, cover students’ participation as human subjects in such activities as training procedures, demonstrations, and experiments where students are exposed as participants to situations which may be injurious or dangerous to them and to which they are not ordinarily exposed or accustomed in their normal daily lives as students or non-students.

Companion Document : Pro
Adoption Date : 1989/09/05
Revision Date : 2009/08/26