The Seattle College District is committed to its employee's safety and health. As such, workplace violence or a hostile work environment will not be tolerated at the District.

The institution defines workplace violence to include verbal threats, threatening behavior or physical assaults occurring in the workplace by a stranger, customer, client or co-worker.

The institution defines hostile work environment to include behavior that is:

  • Sexual in nature or occurs because of the person's gender; and
  • Offensive to a reasonable individual; and
  • Severe or pervasive enough to adversely affect the person's work environment.

Seattle College District will make reasonable efforts to see that all employees adhere to practices that are designed to make the workplace safe and secure.

Employees are encouraged to come forward with their concerns or complaints about workplace violence or a hostile work environment. Immediate and appropriate action, as described in the complaint procedure, will be taken to resolve complaints. Retaliation against any individual for making a complaint or cooperating in an investigation will not be tolerated.

Adoption Date : 1998/06/02
Revision Date : 1998/06/02