The Seattle College District (SCD) is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for applicants or employees with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation means modification or adjustment to a job, work environment, policy, practice, or procedure that enables a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of that position or enjoy equal employment opportunity and that does not impose an undue hardship on SCD. Persons with disabilities have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodation in all aspects of employment procedures with the SCD including, but not limited to: application; recruitment; selection/hiring; promotion; testing; medical examinations; layoff/recall; assignments; termination; evaluation; compensation; disciplinary actions; leave; training; conditions and benefits of employment including insurance benefits; and employer supported activities.

This policy, together with the implementing procedures, is intended to provide guidance to the SCD and the individual in instances where reasonable accommodation may be indicated.

This policy should not be construed as providing rights or obligations not provided under applicable law.

Employee Services and the respective campus Human Resources Directors are responsible for implementing this policy and the respective procedures.

Companion Document : Pro
Adoption Date : 1996/03/05
Revision Date : 2016/10/13