The Seattle College District will provide a retirement program for all eligible employees.

Classified Staff
Eligible Employees - All classified staff employed at 50 percent or more time on a continuous basis for a minimum of six months.

Program - Washington Public Employees Retirement System

Membership - All eligible classified employees automatically become members of the designated program, i.e. Washington Public Employees Retirement System.

Faculty and Administrative Staff
Eligible Employees - Permanent faculty and administrative staff employed at 50 percent or more time of the normal work period for their class of employee (regardless of funding source).

Part-time Faculty employed 50 percent or more for two consecutive quarters (regardless of funding source).

Program - Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF) - Unless the employee is an existing or previous member of either Washington Public Employees Retirement System (WPERS) or Washington State Retirement System (WSTRS), in which case they may have an option of electing to stay with the previous program.

Membership - Eligible employees are required to participate in a retirement program.

Procedures implementing this Policy are maintained in the Payroll Office.

For information concerning definitions of the various retirement programs, see procedures 671.50.4 and 671.60.10.

Adoption Date : 1978/07/24
Revision Date : 2009/06/11