The Seattle College District shall observe the following paid holidays:

  • The first day of January - New Year's Day
  • The third Monday of January - Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • The third Monday of February - President's Day
  • The last Monday of May - Memorial Day
  • The nineteenth of June- Juneteenth Freedom Day
  • The fourth day of July - Independence Day
  • The first Monday in September - Labor Day
  • The fourth Thursday of November - Thanksgiving Day
  • The Friday immediately following the fourth Thursday of November - Native American Hertiage Day
  • The twenty-fourth of December - Christmas Eve
  • The twenty-fifth day of December - Christmas Day
  • One personal holiday for qualifying employees

When any holiday falls on a Saturday, it shall be observed on the preceding Friday; when any holiday falls on a Sunday, it shall be observed on the following Monday.

Adoption Date : 1984/05/14
Revision Date : 2022/06/13