The Seattle College District is committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding intellectual property. That commitment includes the full exercise of the rights accorded to users of copyrighted works under the “Fair-Use” provision of federal copyright law. (U.S.C. Section 107)

It therefore is the policy of the Seattle College District to facilitate the exercise in good faith of full Fair-Use rights by faculty, librarians, and staff, in furtherance of their teaching, research, and service activities. To that end, the Colleges shall:

  1. Inform and educate their faculty, librarians, and staff about their Fair-Use rights and the application of the four factors for those rights set forth in Title 17 of the United States Code: Section 107;
  2. Develop and make available through the Copyright Officer(s), the Libraries, and other appropriate units, resources concerning Fair-Use and intellectual property laws generally, and the application of Fair Use in specific situations;
  3. Avoid, whenever possible, adopting or supporting policies or agreements that would restrict Fair-Use rights.

Adoption Date : 1984/01/09
Revision Date : 2014/10/09