For purposes of this policy and pursuant to RCW 13.34.030 – the Juvenile Court Act, RCW 74.13.020 – Child Welfare Services, and RCW 26.28.010 – Age of Majority, a child is any individual under the age of 18.

As an institution of higher education, the Seattle Colleges provide educational and support services primarily to adult learners. Under certain circumstances and under the auspices of special programs, students under the age of 18 also attend classes and/or participate in programs or activities on campus.

As a general rule, employees and students shall not bring children with them to their work sites or to classes. Infrequently, employees and students may bring children to their work sites and/or classrooms only in special circumstances, and then only upon approval by their instructor (for students) or supervisor (for employees), and upon their compliance with college rules.

The Seattle Colleges recognize that children under the age of 18 often appropriately accompany adults during visits to campus. Children, however, need at all times to be under the supervision of their parent(s) or guardian(s). It is inappropriate for a parent or guardian to ask members of the college community — administrators, faculty, staff, or students — to assume these responsibilities, unless he or she is leaving the child in a college program sanctioned for children as defined in these procedures.

Children without supervision or with supervision imposed upon college employees or students may disrupt the educational process or work setting, and possibly create a safety hazard for the children themselves or for others on the college campus. Parent(s) and guardian(s) are responsible for ensuring that children behave appropriately if children accompany a parent or guardian to campus. If, in the view of the faculty or administrator responsible for the class, work setting, or event, a child is disruptive, the parent or guardian must remove the child from the situation when requested to do so.

By this policy the college seeks to create a safer environment on campus, which is conducive to and supports the effective conduct of the educational process.

Adoption Date : 2011/04/14
Revision Date : 2011/04/14