Seattle College District is committed to providing a safe and secure
environment for the Seattle Colleges community and its guests. This policy sets
forth restrictions on the ability to carry firearms or weapons, concealed or
otherwise, on all Seattle Colleges property.
Possession, holding, wearing, exhibiting, transporting, storage or presence of
any firearm, dagger, sword, knife or other cutting or stabbing instrument,
club, baton, explosive device, or any other weapon apparently capable of
producing bodily harm is prohibited on the college campus, subject to the
following exceptions:

1. Commissioned law enforcement personnel, or legally- authorized military
personnel while in performance of their duties; or campus security officers in
accordance with departmental guidelines provided however that campus security
officers may not carry firearms,
2. An individual with a valid concealed weapons permit may store a pistol in
their vehicle parked on campus in accordance with RCW 9.41.050, provided the
vehicle is locked and the weapon is concealed from view; or
3. The president or their designee may grant permission to bring a weapon
on campus upon a determination that the weapon is reasonably related to a
legitimate pedagogical or ceremonial purpose. Such permission shall be in writing
and shall be subject to such terms or conditions incorporated in the written
4. This policy does not apply to the possession and/or use of disabling
chemical sprays when possessed and/or used for self-defense.
5. Tools used solely for the preparation of food, instruction,
or maintenance;

Adoption Date : 2016/04/14
Revision Date : 2021/09/10