It is the IT Security Policy of Seattle College District (SCD) that the Seattle Colleges shall operate in a manner consistent with the goals of the Washington State Office of the CIO and SBCTC IT Division Security Policies to maintain a shared, trusted environment within the district and the Washington Community and Technical Colleges (WCTC) for the protection of sensitive data and business transactions. For the purposes of the SCD Information Technology Security Policy, security is defined as the ability: 1) To protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information assets managed within the district; 2) To protect those assets from unauthorized release, modification, accidental, intentional damage or destruction; and 3) To protect technology assets (infrastructure) from unauthorized use. The scope of this policy includes the security of IT facilities, data, off-site data storage, computing and telecommunications equipment, application related services furnished by SBCTC-IT, purchased from other state agencies or commercial concerns, and Internet-related applications and connectivity.

Adoption Date : 2003/06/12
Revision Date : 2013/12/05