The Board of Trustees is authorized to accept gifts — including but not limited to cash, stocks or shares, real property, equipment, works of art, and other tangible items of value — in the name of the district, provided that such gifts are appropriate to the district's mission and would not create a conflict of interest. Gifts to the colleges are to be kept distinct from gifts to Seattle Colleges Foundation. The intent of the donor determines ownership of the gift.

The board has also delegated to the chancellor and president(s) the authority to accept gifts. Such gifts become property of Seattle Colleges, to be used or disposed of at the board’s discretion, in keeping with any terms or conditions attached to the gifts.

All funds and gifts in-kind in excess of $250K, within a fiscal year, from the same donor, to be received on behalf of Seattle Colleges District VI, its campuses and District operations, will be presented to the Seattle Colleges District Board of Trustees for approval.

An annual report of Tendered Gifts will be provided to the Board of Trustees in October. This report will also include information on scholarships given by the Foundation as informational.

Companion Document : Pro
Adoption Date : 1985/10/15
Revision Date : 2017/07/13