1. Submission of Items for Board Consideration
    Any individual, group of individuals, or organization may submit any item of concern to the Board for consideration; however, normal administrative channels are recommended to assure adequate background information (see items 3-5).

    Review of Agenda Items
    All items submitted for the Board agenda will be reviewed by the appropriate campus/district officers and the district chancellor. A standard cover sheet containing background information and the district chancellor’s recommendation, as appropriate, shall be attached and the item shall be assigned to the agenda for the Board meeting. As practicable, all materials prepared for consideration by the Board of Trustees shall be reviewed by the Chancellor’s Cabinet prior to submission to the Board.
  2. Deadlines
    Items for regular Board meeting agendas should be in the Board office thirteen days before the Board meeting. Advance materials, including the agenda, background materials, and other information will be sent to the Board members and the approved Board materials distribution list, at least three workdays in advance of regular meetings (including the day on which the materials are sent and the day on which the meeting is held).
  3. Submission Routes
    To allow the Board to have the benefit of background information and research, and to permit access for all Seattle College District constituents to the Board, the following submission routes to the Board are available:

    Initiated By:
    An individual student, group of students, or student government organization.
    Submitted By:
    Student body government or other elected student representative to student’s advisory representative to the Board, or through the vice president or director of student services to the campus president/ vice chancellor and chancellor.

    Initiated By:
    An individual faculty member, group of faculty members, or the faculty organization (AFT-SC).

    Submitted By:
    Faculty representative organization (AFT-SCC) to the faculty advisory representative to the Board, or to the campus president/vice chancellor via the vice president of instruction and the district chancellor.

    Initiated By:
    An individual support staff employee, group of support staff employees, or the non-supervisory classified employees organization (WFSE and AFT-SPS).

    Submitted By:
    For supervisory classified, per individual via the campus president/ vice chancellor and district/ chancellor. For WFSE and AFT_SPS members, to Executive Committee and WFSE or advisory representative to the Board.

    Initiated By: 
    An individual administrative employee, a group of administrative employees, or administrative organization.

    Submitted By: 
    Either the campus president/vice chancellor and the district chancellor via immediate supervisor.

    Initiated By:
    Individual citizens, groups, organization, associations, agencies or others who are not regular members of the District community.

    Submitted By:
    Campus president/vice chancellor and district chancellor if the matter concerns only one campus or the district chancellor if the matter concerns the entire district.

  4. Informational Materials 
    Written background materials, arguments, views, or supporting data are extremely helpful to the Board’s understanding of matters. Accordingly, the reviewing authorities on the campuses or at the district level may request or suggest information if not provided initially.

    Individuals or groups who wish to read these materials can access them on our website:  seattlecolleges.edu/board . Materials will be available at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Notification is sent to campus presidents’/vice chancellors’ offices confirming that Board materials have been posted to this site
  5. Advance Mailing for Special Meetings 
    Whenever possible, advance mailing of materials will also be made for special meetings of the Board.
  6. Old Business  
    Items which have been previously discussed, either as a report or action item, at a regular or special Board meeting, may be brought up during this portion of the agenda.
  7. New Business 
    Items not previously discussed may be presented by any individual or group at this time. Normally, no action may be taken at this time on any item which has not appeared on the printed agenda unless it is of an emergency nature.
  8. Notification to Board Office 
    Individuals or groups are requested to notify the Board office eight (8) working days prior to the regular Board meeting of the title and/or nature of any item which they wish to discuss under old or new business at the meeting.

Adoption Date : 1985/10/15
Revision Date : 2019/10/10