1. Elections:
    At its regular monthly meeting in July, the Board shall elect from its membership a chair and a vice chair to serve for the ensuing September to August period. Should either the elected chair or vice chair be unable to perform their duties or be unable to complete their obligation, replacements shall be elected by the Board from its membership to complete the terms of office.

  2. Chair:
    The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board, sign all legal and official documents recording actions of the Board, and shall review the agenda prepared for such meetings of the Board. In addition the chair shall approve the minutes of each meeting (or, in the chair’s absence, the Board member who acted as chair shall give approval) before the minutes are published while presiding at Board meetings, the chair shall have full rights of discussion and vote.

  3. Vice Chair:
    The vice chair shall fill the normal role of parliamentarian and shall assure that Board meetings are conducted in accordance with “Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.” The vice chair acts as chair of the Board in the absence of the chair.

  4. Acting Chair:
    If neither the chair nor the vice chair is present at a meeting but a quorum of the Board exists, the Board shall elect an acting chair for that meeting from among the members present.

  5. Secretary:
    The chief administrative officer of the District, the District chancellor, shall serve as the secretary to the Board as specified in RCW 28B.50.130. The secretary has no voting privileges. The secretary may appoint a District staff member to act as recording secretary for all meetings of the Board. Assisted by the recording secretary the secretary is responsible for:

    1. Maintaining the official District (Board) seal.
    2. Maintaining all records of meetings and official actions of the Board.
    3. Maintaining and conducting in the name of the Board all official correspondence relating to the Board.
    4. Receiving items for the agenda of Board meetings and preparing the agenda in accordance with the prescribed format.
    5. Distributing advance public notices of Board meetings and intention to consider rule changes in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act of 1971, as amended, and instructions from the state code reviser’s office.
    6. Filing of amended, modified, and new rules and regulations with the state code reviser. Cancelling those rescinded by Board action.
    7. Distributing minutes of Board meetings and reports related to Board members.
    8. Maintaining for public inspection all official actions, records, minutes, correspondence, and other materials related to the Board.
    9. Advising the various college constituencies on matters of placing items on the Board agenda, distribution of Board materials, and related matters.
    10. Answering inquiries from news media concerning Board actions and directing media representatives to authorized resource individuals.
    11. Attending all Board meetings and assuring that official minutes are maintained, approved, and published as directed. In the District Chancellor’s absence, the secretary of the Board may appoint an individual to assume the role of the acting secretary.

Adoption Date : 1985/10/15
Revision Date : 2016/06/09