The Board of Trustees:

  1. Shall operate all existing community colleges and vocational-technical institutes in its district.
  2. Shall create comprehensive programs of community college education and training and maintain an open-door policy in accordance with provisions of RCW 28B.50.090.
  3. Shall employ, for a period to be fixed by the Board, a district president, whose working title shall be chancellor.
  4. May establish, under the approval and direction of the SBCTC, new facilities as community needs and interests demand.
  5. May establish or lease, operate, and equip food service facilities, bookstores, and other self-supporting facilities connected with the operation of the District.
  6. May, with the approval of the SBCTC, borrow money and issue and sell revenue bonds or other evidence of indebtedness for the construction, reconstruction, erection, equipping with permanent fixtures, demolition and major alternation of buildings and other capital assets, and the acquisition of sites, right-of-ways, easements, improvements or appurtenances, food service and other self-supporting facilities connected with the operation of the District in accordance with RCW 28B.10.300 through 330 where applicable.
  7. May receive, manage, and adopt regulations in regard to gifts, grants, conveyances, devices and bequests of personal property from private sources whenever the terms and conditions will aid in carrying out the community college programs as specified by law and the regulations of the SBCTC.
  8. May establish and maintain off-campus programs. May authorize use of classrooms and other facilities for programs, public meetings and any other activities consistent with the use of such classrooms or facilities for community college purposes.
  9. May make rules and regulations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic on property owned, operated, or maintained by the District.
  10. Shall prescribe, with the assistance of the faculty, the course of study in the various departments of the campuses, and notwithstanding any other provision of law, publish such catalogs and bulletins as may become necessary.
  11. May grant to every student, upon graduation or completion of a course of study, a suitable diploma, associate or baccalaureate degrees or certificates.
  12. Shall enforce the rules and regulations prescribed by the SBCTC for the government of community colleges, students, and teachers and promulgate such rules and regulations and perform all other acts consistent with law or rules and regulations of the SBCTC as the Board may in its discretion deem necessary or appropriate to the administration of the District. Provided such rules and regulations include, but are not limited to, rules and regulations relating to scholarship, conduct at the District's facilities, and discipline: Provided, further, that the Board may suspend or expel students who refuse to obey any of the rules and regulations.
  13. May, by written order filed in its office, delegate to the district chancellor any power and duties vested in or imposed upon it. Such delegated powers and duties may be exercised in the Board's name.
  14. May perform other activities consistent with RCW Title 28B and not in conflict with the directives of the SBCTC.
  15. Shall be authorized to pay dues to any association or trustee-related effort that may be formed.
  16. Shall perform any other duties and responsibilities imposed by law or rule and regulation of the SBCTC.

Adoption Date : 1985/10/15
Revision Date : 2019/10/10