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Faculty Mentoring vs. Research Mentoring

A "faculty mentor" is a South Seattle College professor who is interested in advising RST students. Each RST Academy member is assigned a faculty mentor upon joining the academy. Both then meet at least twice a quarter until the student transfers or changes mentors. 

A "research mentor" is a professor or scientist at South Seattle College or another institution who leads a student or group of students on a scientific research project. 

Faculty Mentoring - Choose a Mentor 

The links below give information about the mentoring process and also contain a list of available faculty mentors. Students should contact a faculty member on the list to see if they will be your mentor.

Info for Students 

  • Spring 2015 Info for Students 
  • Faculty mentor biographies. Choose a faculty mentor from this list. 
    • If you don't see a faculty member in this file, ask the professor you prefer if they would like to join RST as your mentor.
Info for Faculty Mentors
Research Mentoring

To become a research mentor, scientists or faculty must first develop a research project. For information on developing and running such projects, please refer to the Undergraduate Research Manual

More info on starting and mentoring research projects can be found here: 

March 2, 2015 - Presentation on UGR at South Seattle College

Sample Research Proposals

Data Science Proposal

Project Arson Proposal 

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