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Faculty Mentoring vs. Research Mentoring

A "faculty mentor" is a South Seattle College professor who is interested in advising RST students. Each RST Academy member is assigned a faculty mentor upon joining the academy. Both then meet at least twice a quarter until the student transfers or changes mentors. 

A "research mentor" is a professor or scientist at South Seattle College or another institution who leads a student or group of students on a scientific research project. 

Faculty Mentoring - Choose a Mentor 

The links below give information about the mentoring process and also contain a list of available faculty mentors. Students should contact a faculty member on the list to see if they will be your mentor.

Info for Students 

  • RST Mentoring Program
  • Faculty mentor biographies. If you do not yet have a mentor, choose one from this list. Email the name of this faculty member to or to and we will connect you to the mentor if possible. 
    • If you don't see a faculty member in this file, ask the professor you prefer if they would like to join RST as your mentor.

Info for Faculty Mentors

What is good mentoring? The following links provide faculty with best practices and food for thought.



What paperwork is required? The stipend application form must be emailed by the end of each quarter to Jake Ashcraft ( and Rick Downs ( for review and submission for approval to the Dean, Joe Shannon. 

  • Stipend Application Form - must be filled out at the end of each quarter and submitted to RST for review by the Academic Programs Dean
  • Student Goals Form - for keeping a record of each mentoring session (optional). If this form is not used, some other documentation must be kept for each meeting.
Research Mentoring and Projects

Undergraduate Research Manual (Summer 2015)

Summer 2015 Projects 

More info on starting and mentoring research projects can be found here: 

March 2, 2015 - Presentation on UGR at South Seattle College

Sample Research Proposals

Data Science Proposal

Project Arson Proposal 

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