Who will be working on this project?

In addition to a small, dedicated project team, employees from student services (registration, financial aid, etc.), finance and accounting, HR, and payroll, instruction, and many other areas of our colleges will work throughout the next 18 months on this project. Learn more about our ctcLink project team.

How long will this project take?

At Seattle Colleges, the transition window when we make the actual switch from our current systems to ctcLink is set for roughly two weeks, February 15 to March 1, 2021. Our current student data, course registration, finance, and HR systems will be down during that time to accommodate the transition to our new ctcLink system. Seattle Colleges will deploy or "go live" starting on February 22, 2021. Central, North, and South will deploy as a group (Deployment Group 4) together at the same time. We plan to have students begin using ctcLink starting Monday, March 1.

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges has been working on the overall ctcLink design and configuration since 2013. Seattle Colleges began implementation efforts in Fall 2018, and we are projected to deploy ctcLink starting on February 22, 2021.

Where can I get updates for my department and college?

Visit the ctcLink Updates page for the latest information.

What will ctcLink look like?

ctcLink is an Oracle PeopleSoft web-based, mouse-driven system. In the video below, you can see examples of the screens and interface. To learn more, enroll one of the PeopleSoft courses available on our training page.

How will ctcLink work with existing information systems used by students, staff, and faculty across Seattle Colleges?

Visit the ctcLink and Other Existing Information Systems page.

Q: Will faculty, staff, and students still have a MySeattleColleges login (Email + password) to access email, MyDesk, computers on campus, and Office 365?
A: Yes. The MySeattleColleges login used by students, faculty and staff will stay the same. MySeattleColleges authentication will be also begin to be used more frequently on our webpages to replace SID/PIN authentication.

Q: Does logging in to Canvas change?
A: Students, faculty, and staff will continue to use Canvas, our learning management system (LMS). Faculty and staff will continue to use their current login. Students can also continue using their SID to login to ctcLink, but they will be encouraged to use their new ctcLink ID (EMPLID). New students without a SID will only use their ctcLink ID (EMPLID) to access Canvas.

Q: Are PeoplePages going away?
A: No. Our Web Services team is working hard to connect our PeoplePages to ctcLink data, and we fully plan to continue PeoplePages.

Q: Is the Enrollment Dashboard on Inside.SeattleColleges.edu going away?
A:No. Our Web Services team is working hard to connect ctcLink data to the Enrollment Dashboard. There may be a few weeks in which the Enrollment Dashboard data is static, as Web Services works on  the integration.

Q:What about Starfish?
A:Student, staff, and faculty will continue to use Starfish without interruption. The student class and enrollment data will be static temporarily while the IT team switches from our legacy systems to ctcLink.

High: Employees who work in student services, finance, accounting, instructional support staff, human resources, institutional research, will be significantly affected as their daily work transitions from our legacy systems (FMS, SMS, PPMS, FAM) to ctcLink. Seattle Colleges remains committed to helping employees develop professionally to meet business needs and personal aspirations.

ctcLink will help us evaluate how we manage our business operations and serve our students. During this process, we will identify new needs and opportunities. 

Medium: Operations managers and administrative staff will build new business processes and access information in ctcLink.

Low: Faculty, staff, and students will report grades, access course information and financial aid, enroll in courses, view payroll information, and update personal information in ctcLink.

Where can I find info about 25Live?

Training for 25Live is online through Canvas. Click here to self enroll.