Seattle Colleges Project Team

  • Derreck Pressley – Campus Solutions Pillar Lead
    Derreck is leading our transition of Student Services processes (how we do work) into PeopleSoft.
  • Mark Baumann – Campus Solutions Data Specialist
    Mark is leading our cleanup and conversion of student, course, and class data into PeopleSoft.
  • Terri Plischke – Finance Pillar Lead
    Terri is leading our transition of Accounting and Finance processes (how we do work) into PeopleSoft.
  • Fleda Ramos – Security Lead
    Fleda will help transition staff HP access to the new PeopleSoft security permissions maintained by SBCTC.
  • Linh Tang – Security Lead
  • Jessica Wagner – HR & Payroll System Specialist
    Jessica is leading our transition of HR and Payroll processes into PeopleSoft.
  • D Lee – Testing Lead
    D will help coordinate our PeopleSoft testing at the direction of SBCTC.
  • Andrew Svec – Communication Lead
    Andrew will help develop communications about the transition and progress and will work with the communications directors and deployment leads at each college.
  • Heather Emlund – Training Coordinator
    Heather will help coordinate and report on Canvas training and help get the right staff to SBCTC training sessions.
  • Kurt Buttleman – Executive Sponsor & Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Success
    Kurt is the executive sponsor for Seattle Colleges’ ctcLink implementation and a member of the statewide ctcLink Steering Committee.

Faculty leads assisted faculty at each college in the transition from legacy faculty tools to ctcLink faculty self-service.

  • Bill Holt – Faculty Lead - North
  • Robert Natoli – Faculty Lead - Central
  • Doug Rupik – Faculty Lead - South

Deployment leads coordinated activities at each college leading up to and after go-live.

  • Brian Palmer – College Deployment Lead - North
  • AK Sterling – College Deployment Lead - Central
  • Alison Pugh – College Deployment Lead - South