Guidelines for RTC Submittals

***Return-to-Campus (RTC) plans have been discontinued for Spring 2022. It is the responsibility of the Unit Administrator, in consultation with the impacted parties, and SCD Health and Safety Division to complete such a plan if desired. Please contact directly for more information. Any plans that have been previously created, remain in place unless a new evaluation is requested by H&S. Traditional lecture-based instruction, as well non-instructional activities, will be subject to the minimum safety standards articulated in the Infection Control Measures by H&S.  


Return to Campus (RTC) safety plan application form

Return to Campus Q&A Session
Do you have questions about how your unit or department can begin the “return to campus” process and begin to offer services safely over the summer? Christel Olsen, environmental health and safety manger, recorded a Q&A session on Zoom with Julia Buchans, director of the Learning Support Network at Seattle Central. The session covers questions and answers about how staff can approach the process within the current health and safety protocols. The video is available below. 

Note: please use the following guidelines for RTC submittals:

  • If you have already submitted an RTC/RTW plan using the e-form in a previous quarter, and there are no changes to the plan, you do not need to re-submit a new plan. Please update the spreadsheet with new times/dates/course numbers. 
  • If your planned activities do change, such as a need to break the physical distance barrier, you will need to re-submit a new e-form (linked at the top of the page). 
  • If you have submitted a plan before on the old form, please re-submit using the new e-form (linked at the top of the page).  
  • If you have already submitted an RTC/RTW plan, but you are switching to a substantially different location, and you’re unsure about whether implementation controls need to be changed, please consult Health & Safety ( so we can let you know if you need to submit a new plan.  

Spring 2022 Health and Safety Protocols and Return to Campus (RTC) Plans (effective April 4, 2022)

Unit Administrators Can Use Existing Plans 

Unit administrators (Deans, Directors, Department Heads) have the authority and discretion to make decisions using the following guidance: 

  • Any newly returning-to-campus instructors/employees who work for a unit that already has an active, approved program-specific or course-specific RTC plan will operate under the terms of that plan. 
  • If the standards established there cannot be met by the new on-comer, they may submit a new RTC application to be reviewed, which details their individual/situation specific circumstances. 
  • The decision of whether to file a new plan or operate under a formerly submitted plan (and which plan they would be operating under) will be determined by the unit administrator. 
  • For any plans that are considered overly stringent due to changes in general policy that occurred after the plan was originally submitted, the unit administrator may choose to refile a new plan that characterizes the less stringent operations, and H&S will review/declare if any addition safety measures will need to be incorporated 

Group Meetings and Events 

Group meetings, such as staff meetings, held only among Seattle Colleges employees do not need to file RTC plans, provided they follow existing Infection Control protocols.