COVID‐19 Infection Control Program and Safety Training

Infection Control Program

The Infection Control Program is a group of policies and procedures identified as guidelines used to deal with infection control issues during the COVID‐19 outbreak.

Resources in Additional Languages

COVID-19 Resources in American Sign Language (ASL)

COVID-19 Resources in Amharic

COVID-19 Resources in Arabic

COVID-19 توصيات الصحة العامة الخاصة ب

كيف تعتني بنفسك أو بالآخرين باستخدام :Video

 ابق في المنزل! كن بصحة جيدة! :Video

COVID-19 Resources in Chinese

COVID-19 Resources in Farsi/Persian

توصیه های سلامت عمومی کووید-۱۹

خانه بمانید، تا صحتمند بمانید :Video

COVID-19 Resources in Korean


COVID-19 Resources in Russian

COVID-19 Resources in Somali

COVID-19 Resources in Spanish

COVID-19 Resources in Swahili

COVID-19 Resources in Tagalog/Filipino

COVID-19 Resources in Vietnamese

COVID-19 Health and Safety Training

  • The requirement for new weekly training/updates for employees and students has been discontinued. The information is still valuable, and it is offered here for your information. Feel free to review the information.
  • Basic COVID-19 H&S training.
  • Previous weekly COVID‐19 training updates are available in the accordion boxes below. These short informational sessions touch on a variety of subjects.
  • Multi-Language Training Resources

If you've been going through something, please know, it's okay to NOT be okay. It's even better to go get help. 

You may choose either of the two links below to complete this week's training.