Reporting Exposure

Do not come to campus if you are experiencing COVID19-like symptoms, and get tested for COVID-19

You need to contact Health & Safety (H&S) if:  

  • you have COVID-like symptoms and you were on-campus within 48 hours before symptoms started.  
  • you have been in direct contact (closer than 6 feet) with someone who:  
    • has tested positive for COVID-19  
    • has COVID-like symptoms  
    • became ill within 48 hours after your direct contact  
  • you live with someone who has COVID-19 or has COVID-like symptoms.  
  • you have been tested or are seeking testing for COVID-19 because you may have been exposed.  
  • you have been instructed by a healthcare provider, public health professional, or contact tracer to quarantine.  
  • your situation is complicated and you are confused. 

How to contact H&S: