Areas of Study

With three colleges and more than 130 programs, you can study almost anything at Seattle Colleges. Our programs are organized by the Areas of Study described below. Find the area that speaks to you and then look through the programs and determine the degree or certificate that fits your goals. Go to the Programs pages at our colleges or download the Areas of Study flyer to begin exploring.

Still have questions? Visit one of our career centers or attend an information session at one of our colleges to explore and learn more. Also, visit our Discover Seattle Colleges website for information about upcoming info sessions as well as videos and presentations about many of our programs.


Arts, Design, and Graphics

From a rip-roaring guitar solo to the delicate strokes of a watercolor painting — artists have the unique ability to challenge and inspire the world. As an Arts, Design, and Graphics student, you’ll refine your craft and mold your artistic voice through critical thinking skills, collaboration, and self-expression. Whether your creative outlet lies in the orchestra pit or on the potter’s wheel, position your talents for careers in performing, visual, and media arts.


Business and Accounting

You’re the next great American entrepreneur, hotshot advertising executive, or up-and-coming accountant with a passion for “crunching numbers.” From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses — learn to organize, plan, manage, and play a key role in the high-stakes, competitive world of Business and Accounting. Programs are designed to give students skills and experience in the in-demand fields of business support, management, and office administration.


Culinary, Hospitality, and Wine

You have dreams of becoming the executive chef of your own five-star restaurant, a hands-on winemaker with a palate for sight, smell and taste, or hotel manager catering to your guests while overseeing a well-trained staff. From the front of the house to the back — through programs in our Culinary, Hospitality, and Wine Area of Study you’ll develop a foundation of skills well-suited for the ever expanding tourism, food service, and hospitality industries. Enter a career path that emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, and customer service.


Education and Human Services

You’re compassionate, a good listener, and passionate about improving the quality of life for others and sharing your expertise. Through programs in our Education and Human Services Area of Study, you will open opportunities to a broad range of careers — from education and public service to non-profit organizations and government institutions. Combine traditional classroom instruction with real-world experience and develop your skills in teaching, counseling, critical thinking, and communication.


Health and Medical

Join like-minded students with a calling to care for others and make a real difference in their lives. Whether you’re treating a patient, studying new vaccines in a lab, or designing an exercise plan, Health and Medical professions continue to be one of the country’s fastest-growing career fields! Nursing and pre-nursing programs combine classroom instruction, immersive laboratory experiences and clinical practice to assure you are ready to provide the highest level of care in your chosen field.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Design megacities, program robots, cure cancer — today’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students are the key to answering tomorrow’s most complex challenges. Whether your curiosity takes you to Mars or Microsoft, you can develop skills for booming career fields while pushing the boundaries of innovation, exploration, and research. Picture yourself as a software developer, statistician, or engineer where strong analytical, mathematical, and computer skills are a must.


Skilled Trades and Technical Training

Whether it’s the mechanics who keep our vehicles running smoothly, the aviation technicians who help us take off with ease, or the welders who turn the skylines of tomorrow into reality — our world depends on professional technicians who have mastered the skills of their trade. Skilled Trades and Technical Training emphasize hands-on instruction, computer and problem-solving skills, and creative thinking. Career areas include construction, manufacturing, automotive service, energy systems, landscaping, and aviation.


Social Sciences, Humanities, and Language

You’re most at home between the pages of a novel, penning your next masterpiece, exploring the human condition, or sparring in the political arena. Develop your voice as a writer, speaker, and critical thinker in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Language — and open a window to the people and cultures of the past and present. Through the study of literature, art, social studies, and communications, you’ll form a solid foundation for further study and a career that fuels your passion.

Areas of Study at Seattle Colleges

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