Avoiding Fees:
Using Your HigherOne Account Wisely

Welcome to the seattlecolleges card and your financial aid refund options from HigherOne.

This short video will guide you through using a HigherOne Account for your financial refund and avoid potential fees.

If you have chosen Easy Refund for your refund distribution. Let's look at two HigherOne account options.

The first option is OneAccount:

There is no monthly fee while you are a student or for non-students with $100 or more per month in direct deposits.

A $2.50 fee will be assessed for each use of a non-HigherOne ATM, including transactions and balance inquiries.

50 cents will be charged for each debit transaction.

If your account is overdrawn or there are insufficient funds in your account, you will be assessed a $38.00 fee for the first item and up to two more fees at $29.00 per day.

So avoiding fees is simple.

Choose credit instead of debit when using your card at retailers. Keep in mind that unlike debit transactions, credit transactions may take a day or two to post to your account.

Keep track of your account manually, online or with a free mobile app and only use HigherOne ATM machines.

If you need to use a non-HigherOne ATM Machine or use your card as debit instead of credit, you may choose to use the OneAccount Edge instead. You will be charged a flat fee of $4.95 per month.

It should be noted that owners of non-HigherOne ATM machines may include their own fees.

To review fees before making your choice, click the Fee Schedule link. You will be guided to a list of fees for all HigherOne Accounts.