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RST Academy Events Fall 2014

 Tuesday, Nov 25 - Arie Voorman, a biostatistician at the Gates Foundation, will talk about some of his work on polio eradication at 6pm in UNI 200.

Tuesday, Nov 25 - Katie Marshall will give a talk on the chemistry of the ocean at 7pm in OLY 304.


RST Academy Events Winter 2015

Thursday, Jan 8 -  Rachel Mitchell is a plant ecologist interested in how the diversity of life shapes communities and ecosystems. Her talk will be at 1:30pm in UNI 100.


 Friday, Jan 30 - Ruanne Barnabas, from the Department of Global Health, at the University of Washington, will talk on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Her talk will be at 8am, room to be determined.


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Thursday, Dec 4 - Birth and Future of Multi-scale Modeling of Macromolecules by Michel Levitt.  The of development multiscale models for complex chemical systems, begun in 1967 with publications by Warshel and Levitt, was recently recognized by the 2013 Nobel Committee for Chemistry. The simplifications used then at the dawn of the age of computational structural biology were mandated by computers that were almost a billion times less cost-effective than those we use today. These same multiscale models have become increasingly popular in applications that range from simulation of atomic protein motion to protein folding to explanation of enzyme catalysis.  In this talk, I describe the origins computational structural biology and then go on to show some of the most exciting current and future applications.   The talk will be at 6:30 p.m. on the UW campus in Kane Hall, Room 120.



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