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RST Academy Events Winter 2015

Wednesday, Jan 7 – Joe Lyman will talk about his pathway into biomedical engineering and potential jobs in this field at 8am in UNI 203.

Thursday, Jan 8 -  Rachel Mitchell is a plant ecologist interested in how the diversity of life shapes communities and ecosystems. Her talk will be at 1:30pm in UNI 100.


Monday, Jan 12 – Doug Sanders, an engineer at K2, will talk about the design and manufacture of snowboards at 8am. Room to be determined.


Wednesday, Jan 21 - Chris Bordeaux will talk about some of the projects he has worked on as an Electrical Engineer at noon in UNI 203. 

 Friday, Jan 30 - Ruanne Barnabas, from the Department of Global Health, at the University of Washington, will talk on Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Her talk will be at 8am in RAH 313.


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