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S-STEM Scholarship

The Ready Set Transfer! Academy is pleased to announce the National Science Foundation S-STEM scholarship for STEM students in the Seattle Colleges. Awards begin at $1000 per quarter for full-time study, and increase to up to $2500 per quarter for students taking higher level math courses. Scholars in good standing can automatically renew their scholarship for up to three years while working towards transfer from South Seattle College.

Links to Online Application (Note: Paper application materials are available at the front desk in UNI. All letters of rec must go through the website below.)

Online Student Application:

Upload Site for Faculty Recommendation Letters: 

Due Date: Applications are due no later than 5pm on Friday, May 25. 


This round of applications is open to students currently in developmental math (courses numbered 102 and below) and to students in higher level math courses who intend to transfer and complete a four year-degree in a recognized major in science, technology, engineering, or math. Students must also be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents with documented financial need to be eligible. Students must apply to and be accepted in the RST Academy to receive the scholarship.

Learn more about the RST Academy and apply here:

Note on Research Study

Students selected for scholarships will be invited to participate in a National Science Foundation study of the factors contributing to student success in STEM majors. Participation is voluntary.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or how to complete an application, please contact Jake Ashcraft at 

Other Information for RST Students (non-scholarship)

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