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S-STEM Scholarship FAQ

The RST S-STEM Scholarship awards up to $2,500 / quarter to full-time STEM students, and is renewable until transfer. Applicants need to submit two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and FAFSA. Students who are selected as Scholars are expected to complete capstone projects, attend RST Academy events, interact extensively with their RST mentor, and otherwise rise as exemplary students within the RST Academy.

Online Student Application:

Upload Site for Faculty Recommendation Letters: 

Due Date: Applications are due no later than 5pm on Friday, May 25.  

How are the Pre-College Math scholarships different?

Students interested in STEM majors who are currently in developmental math courses (Math 081, 083, 094, 095, 098, 102) qualify for up to $1,000 per quarter. This amount increases to $2,500 per quarter as a student starts taking college-level math courses (typically Math 141 and above) and other science classes.  

Does GPA matter?

This depends on the scholarship. The early math scholarship awards do not consider GPA, but the remaining scholarships (for students in college-level math and science courses) do. For all recipients, a GPA of 2.8 and above is required to renew the scholarship going forward. 

How do I apply?

Applications will be available online during open award periods, on this website. The link to apply will also be sent out to active members of the RST Academy. 

Please have your personal statement and FAFSA files prepared before applying - the application system does not allow you to save your application and return to it later, so you must be ready to upload your files when you start. 

Where do my faculty and other recommenders submit their letters?

Letter writers can upload their letters electronically. During open award cycles, this page will show a link for uploads. 

How is financial need calculated? 

We follow federal guidelines to determine your financial need. We subtract your Expected Family Contribution from the college's Cost of Attendance. 

See here for details on the federal calculation of need: 

See here for a rough estimate of the college's Cost of Attendance:

Do I have to be a full-time student at the time I apply?

No. The full-time requirement only applies to current scholarship recipients. They must register for 12 credit hours or more to receive funding. 

How is the amount of the scholarship calculated?

The scholarship award is capped at $2,500 or the amount of your financial need, whichever is smaller. In previous years, over 90% of scholarship recipients have qualified for the full award.  

When is the scholarship disbursed?

After the college determines your full-time status in the first two weeks of the quarter, scholarship funds will be disbursed.  

What does the scholarship pay for?

The scholarship is first applied toward your tuition and fees, and the remainder is given to you via your HigherOne account. You may use this remainder to pay your college expenses as you see fit. We highly encourage you to cut back on your outside employment in order to focus on your studies. 

What if I have other scholarships and/or financial aid? How does this scholarship fit in?

This scholarship comes with few strings attached. For instance, it may be used even if you have maxed out your regular financial aid. If you have other scholarships or aid awards, we encourage you to discuss options with a financial aid advisor to determine the most advantageous use of the scholarship funding.  

What is full-time study?

Full-time study is 12 credit hours or more. Some students choose to take two science courses each quarter (totalling 10 or 11 credits) and then to enroll in Math 198 (MAST for Credit), a math class that gives you credit for studying in our tutoring center. Please contact John Toutonghi ( to find out more about this course.

Do I have to take only STEM classes while on the scholarship?

No. You can take any classes that move you productively toward transfer into a four-year STEM major.

Does the scholarship fund summer quarter?


I'm a nursing student. Am I STEM?

No, the scholarship does not fund students transferring directly into clinical and/or health-related programs.  

Are Running Start students eligible?


When will awards be announced?

The scholarship committee will meet and review applications soon after the due date, in order to make an announcement within two weeks.

Can the scholarship be renewed? How many times?

Yes, the scholarship may be renewed each quarter until you successfully transfer. You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements, including the minimum GPA and the requirement to enroll full-time in STEM coursework.  

What do I have to do to renew the scholarship each quarter?

As an "RST Scholar" you will be assigned a discipline-specific faculty mentor and meet with them twice-monthly for the duration of the scholarship. In addition, you will meet periodically with an educational researcher from Seattle University, who will help support you in your studies. Finally, you will be expected to complete a research or leadership capstone project at some time before you transfer. 

Does the scholarship funding continue after I transfer to a four-year institution?

No, it only funds study at the Seattle Colleges.

I already have a bachelor's degree. Do I qualify for the scholarship?

Students qualify for the scholarship if they are enrolled in the Seattle Colleges and intend to transfer to a four-year institution in order to receive a Bachelor's degree in a STEM discipline, regardless of their previous academic background.  

I am taking STEM classes now in order to apply to graduate programs. Do I qualify for the scholarship?

No, the scholarship only funds students seeking BS or BA degrees in STEM disciplines.  

Will other scholarships be available in future quarters?

Yes, we anticipate awarding about 70 S-STEM scholarships at each college by 2022. Please stay up to date with RST communications and check this website for new information.  

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