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Source: Scientific American


Seattle Colleges Sign-On to Ambitious Sustainability Goals

The Seattle Colleges recently joined forces with the Seattle 2030 District, a coalition of public and private entities in downtown Seattle focused on ambitious sustainability targets.

The 2030 District hopes to reduce energy, water, and transportation emissions 50 percent by the year 2030. The partnership with the 2030 District shows a commitment to regional leadership on college sustainability. Committing to ambitious goals will drive ambitious actions.

The Seattle Colleges hope to take advantage of many incentive programs ( for energy and water efficiency offered through the 2030 District. Regular meetings and sharing of best practices with other 2030 District members will help keep the District at the cusp of sustainability innovations.

You can read about the Seattle 2030 District, its goals, and progress here: »

Seattle Colleges Stand Up For Transit

The Seattle Colleges have joined with the seven other community and technical colleges in King County to voice support for King County Metro to maintain services to community and technical colleges across the county.

Following the failure of Proposition 1 on the King County Special Election on April 22nd – the measure to increase car tabs and sales tax to maintain bus service and fund road improvements - the Seattle Colleges have unanimously recommended to King County Metro the creation of a priority service area for higher education in King County.

All 10 community and technical college Presidents signed onto a letter which voices support for adding higher education as a priority service area in the County, with the hope of avoiding costly service cuts currently being planned. The letter outlines the hard work, dedication, and positive impact that community and technical college students bring to the state, and also their reliance on public transport to help them access education. Transit service is also a crucial part of the Seattle College District plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable campus culture.

Reliable and accessible public transport is an issue that touches on the environmental, social, and economic components of sustainability. We are proud that our Presidents have stood up for transit services for community and technical colleges across King County.