EEPD Reports

What does EEPD stand for?  

Experience, Education and Professional Development. Each year all faculty must submit this report documenting faculty development activities in order to be eligible for advancement on the salary scale (when funding is available). Please submit the report even if you believe funding will not be available in the current year.

Submit the completed form or a narrative version including the same information via email to your Unit Administrator by June 30, 2014

Please refer to SCCD/SCCFT Agreement Appendices A.3 and B.2 for advancement information.

To submit your report:

  1. Download and complete the current EEPD Report form. 2013-2014 Annual EEPD Report Form.doc
  2. Submit completed form by email attachment to your unit administrator by June 30 of each year.  Tip:  Use Outlook and request a reply so that you will know it has been received.

You can also find the form at – lIn the Document Center, look under Human Resources/documents/full time or part time faculty/professional development report.