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  • The State of Higher Education for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People: PowerPoint. Dr Susan Rankin, lead author and researcher of this landmark study comes to North Seattle and Seattle Central Community College to discuss her work and best practices to create a successful climate for all. April 21, 2011.

  • Working with non-native speakers of English PowerPoint file with extensive notes, May 12, 2009, Tina Young, Saovra Ear, Dana Servheen, Trang Nguyen, Bob Dela-Cruz, Karen Michaelsen (2009). Greg Hinkley on Framing our Teaching; understanding our outcomes

  • Peer Review 2.0: Tomorrow's Scholarship for Today's Students (A virtual workshop using Elluminate) April 28, 2009,Anne-Marie Deitering and Kate Gronemyer (2009)  

    To view the recording, click this link:   View the Elluminate Live! recording You will need to download and save the play.jnlp file (to your Desktop), then open it.  The recording will automatically start. 

  • Winter 2009 Association Conference, March 6, (2009)


    Click on Association Winter Conference Elluminate sessions and Association Winter conference ITV session
    • Cable Green, eLearning Director, SBCTC on rethinking technology, digital knowledge, and turf in challenging budget times
    • Eric Frank, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Flat World Knowledge on “Open Textbooks”
    • A panel of presidents with Chris Reykdal discussing the state budget
    • Connie Broughton, Assistant Director, eLearning, WashingtonOnline, SBCTC on sharing content and pooled enrollment service
    • Charlie Earl, Executive Director, SBCTC on technology initiative and the state of the CTC system  
  • Reducing Costs of Texts, March 4, 2009 by Lori Schmit & Russell Markman of Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, PowerPoint Content (2009)
  • Stop Cheating!  A Faculty Workshop on Preventing Plagiarism, Feb 26, 2009 by Karen Michaelsen and Nada Oakley, PowerPoint presentation (2009)
  • Accomodating Students with Disabilities, Jan 12, 2009 by Al Souma, PowerPoint presentation  (2008)
  • Open Source Textbooks, Technology and eLearning in our state, by Cable Green, Friday, Oct 31, 2008, 1-3pm.   Listen to the 1 hour 45min. presentation. (2008)

  • Service Learning, Oct 28, 2008   View the PowerPoint Presentation in the Document Center on the Intranet.  To access this file:  Login to the Intranet:  http://inside.seattlecolleges.com using your Outlook username and password. Click on Document Center, Browse Documents, Faculty Development, Resource Documents, then Service Learning. (2008)

  • Second Life, May 29, 2008  Dennis Kamarainen, instructor at Seattle Vocational Institute, facilitated the event in collaboration with Geoff Cain and John Miller of Tacoma Community College (pictured).  The computer lab at Central was filled with eager participants from all campuses of SCCD and from 10 regional colleges.

    Second Life is a 3-D virtual world created by its residents with many opportunities for educational uses.  Over 60 colleges and universities have a virtual presence there.  WA SBCTC has Evergreen Island in Second Life.  Dennis Kamarainen's blog at http://slineduc.blogspot.com/ provides many resources to explore. (2008)

  • Copyright and Fair Use by Stephanie Delaney (2008)
  • Workshops presented by Jean Kent, Faculty Development Coordinator (2002 - 2007)
  • Rich Media Summer Institute (2006)
  • eBooks Symposium: Exploring Educational Uses of eBooks (2003)
  • Copyright and Fair Use (2003)
  • Civli Liberties Curriculum Development Workshop Resources (2002
  • Critical Moments Workshop (2002)
  • What are Critical Moments? (2002)
  • Know Your Rights: Implications of the Patriot Act (2002)
  • What Shall We Do on Monday?
    (Summary of ideas from Convocation workshop after 9/11/01)