Course Evaluations

You are now able to order online course evaluations for Winter quarter at:

The evaluations schedule for Winter 2016 is:

2/22: Faculty are able to order course evaluations

3/9: Last day for faculty to order online course evaluations

3/10  Evaluations are sent out to students

3/23: Last day for students to complete evaluations

3/30: Evaluations open for faculty and UAs to review

What is this?

Your invitation to join the second quarter of the course evaluation pilot. Online course evaluations are a method of quickly gathering feedback from students for both traditional and online courses.

How do I join the Pilot?

1.      Login into the ‘Course Evaluation’ page on at:

Select a Standard or Custom evaluation for a class that you are teaching this quarter.

a.       Standard evaluations use the same questions and format as the ScanTron forms. If you edit a the evaluation form, it will become a ‘custom’ evaluation.

b.      Custom evaluations allow you to add/remove/edit Evaluation questions.

3.       Decide whether you want the evaluation results to also go to your Unit Administrator by clicking on the ‘UA Review’ icon.

That’s it.

Last day to order evaluations?

March 9 is the last day to join the course evaluation pilot. It’s also the last day to edit the course evaluation or make changes.

  • Old System: This quarter, we are transitioning all fully-online courses to use of the pilot system in place of the old online evaluation system. The pilot system has significantly improved functionality and receives better student response rates, but does requires that faculty order their course evaluations in advance.
  • Because the Student Portal for SVI is not yet implemented, the old online system for course evaluation will continue to be accessible for SVI courses.

When will the course evaluations be sent to students?

On March 10 the online course evaluations will open to student input. Students will receive emails asking them to complete the evaluation, and will be prompted to complete evaluations if they use the Student Portal.  Faculty who sign up for the course evaluations will receive an announcement email as well.

When will I see the results?

Evaluation results will be opened to faculty on March 30. Faculty who participate in the pilot will receive an email reminder – results will be provided online through