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Teaching and Learning Online:

The State Board for Technical and Community College's Office of Assessment, Teaching and Learning regularly schedules online workshops and webinars for eLearning instructors. Visit their calendar and register for these free events: Calendar.

Weekly Innovations is a higher education newsletter which links to free webinars on curriculum and instruction focusing on eLearning. 

Faculty Focus posts articles on eLearning best practices. Free subscription.

eLearning Grants for 2015-2016:

The elearning committee is currently reviewing and updating the grant guidelines and application.  The committee is interested in a more targeted approach that also focuses on quality online course design.  This will be reflected in the new guidelines which are scheduled to be available before fall quarter ends. 

The District e-Learning Program has allocated funds for faculty stipends to create new or revised online courses, with preference given for new courses developed by faculty teams. Individuals may also apply. Faculty must commit to completing all course development activities by the first week of June to be considered for funding. Grants will be awarded to

  • Develop a new online course ($3,000 stipend per course for an individual or for college teams, and $5,400 for cross-district teams; amount to be shared equally by the faculty team.
  • eLearning grants should be used for all LMS based course conversions (i.e. converting from a face-to-face class to a hybrid or an online course).  If the course is NOT currently taught (within the district) in the "new" modality it will be considered a new course.  However, please consider a curriculum grant (course revision) if the course is currently taught in the modality of interest somewhere in the district. 
  • If you want to revise an existing online course curriculum - please see curriculum grants.
For specific grant guidelines please visit the district Intranet - Inside.SeattleColleges.com.   If you have questions, please contact your college eLearning associate dean/director or the Faculty Development Office (FD@seattlecolleges.edu).
To APPLY for funds to create a new or revised online course:
  1. Obtain approval from your division dean PRIOR to completing the online grant application.
  2. Access the application and grant guidelines through the Intranet at http://inside.seattlecolleges.com/elearningGrant. Login using your Outlook userID and password.
  3. Submit your completed application online to your division dean by:  elearning committee is currently reviewing the application and deadlines.  The information will be posted when it becomes available.
  4. Once submitted, your application will for forwarded to your dean and VPI for comments.  Electronic responses from these administrators (deans and Vice Presidents for Instruction) must be submitted by the dates below or your application will not be received by the committee.  Faculty can monitor the approval process online. 

DEADLINES for the 2015-2016 grant application cycle:

  • _______  - Last day for faculty to submit proposals online to their division deans for approval.
  • ________ - Last day for deans to approve proposals online and forward proposals to VPs for Instruction.
  • ________ - Last day for Vice President's for Instruction to approve proposals online and submit proposals for funding.
  • ________ - Funding decisions announced.
  • ________ - Course completion date.  All project deliverables must be submitted electronically in an approved CANVAS course shell.