Curriculum Grants

Important Note Regarding Curriculum Grants:  There are 2 different types of the Curriculum Grants.  The elearning Curriculum grants apply to online and hybrid course development.  The Curriculum grants can be used to develop curriculum for any type of class. 

1.  2015-2016 Curriculum Grant Application Deadlines have been finalized 

Curriculum Grant Overview  

  • Individual proposals are funded up to $3,000 for a new course and start at $600 for course curriculum revision and development of other instructional materials up to a maximum of $3,000.
  • Group proposals are funded up to $5,400. (Group projects may apply to one college or involve two or more colleges in the district.)

Curriculum Grant Application and Guidelines: Access through the Intranet (use the Curriculum Grants Link). 

2015-2016 Curriculum Grant Deadlines:

  • February 20, 2015: Faculty deadline for submitting DRAFT proposal for OPTIONAL committee feedback (Not required but STRONGLY recommend to help ensure your proposal is funded).
  • April 10, 2015: Last day for faculty to submit proposals online for their division deans for approval.
  • April 17, 2015: Last day for deans to approve proposals online and forward proposals to VPs of Instruction.
  • April 24, 2015: Last day for VPIs to approve proposals online and submit proposals for funding.
  • June 1, 2015: Curriculum Grant Awards Announced.
  • October 14 - April 10, 2016: Course content completion and submission.  All course deliverables must be submitted electronically using an approved CANVAS course shell BEFORE April 10, 2016.

2014-2015 CDGC Grant Awards were given to the following faculty members.

  • Al Souma: CDC Grant - New Courses: Introduction to Disability Studies and Practice
  • Greg Bachar: CDC Grant - Future Studies 101
  • Katie Roberts: CDC Grant - Course Revision and alignment of the following courses:  ASL 121, 122, 123 
  • Kelley McHenry and Katy Dichter: CDC Grant - Research for Global Understanding
  • Tanya Darling: CDC Grant - Advanced Wines of the World: Italy and Germany
  • Heidi Iverson and Hugo Alamillo: CDC Grant - New Cadaver based Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Jamila Barton, Curtis Bonney, Jill Bauer, Margaret McKibben, and Veronica Wright: CDC Grant - Digital and Information Literacy for ESL
  • David Krull: CDC Grant - HMG 401 Cost Controls
  • Hilary Kemp: CDC Grant - Supplementary Resources for BIOL 260
  • Hana Gala: CDC Grant - Open Sources for HMG 412 Service Operations
  • Hilary Kemp, Ruben Murcia, Eric Herbig, and Tama Fox: CDC Grant - Biology 160 lab manual
  • Ann Murkowski: CDC Grant - Cross Program Themed Lab Enhancement

The above faculty (and faculty teams) will be required to complete and submit all deliverables BEFORE April 9th, 2015.  All content produced will be posted on a district CANVAS site that is accessible for faculty.


View successful grant applications:

2011 Sample    

2010 Sample

2.  2014-2015 eLearning Grants:

The elearning committee is currently reviewing and updating the grant guidelines and application.  The committee is interested in a more targeted approach that also focuses on quality online course design.  This will be reflected in the new guidelines which are scheduled to be available before fall quarter ends. 

Please stay tuned, we will post specific information including the application and the deadlines as soon as they are finalized.  However, we expect the application deadline will be pushed to winter quarter based on the updated guidelines.

View last year's guidelines on our eLearning page.

Each fall grants are awarded to:

  • Develop a new online course ($3,000 stipend per course for an individual or for college teams, and $5,400 for cross-district teams; amount to be shared equally by the faculty team).
  • eLearning grants should be used for all LMS based course conversions (i.e. converting from a face-to-face class to a hybrid or an online course).  If the course is NOT currently taught (within the district) in the "new" modality, it will be considered a new course.  However, please consider a curriculum grant (course revision) if the course is currently taught in the modality of interest somewhere in the district. 

eLearning Curriculum Grant Application and Guidelines: Access through the District Intranet (use the elearning Grant link).

eLearning Curriculum Grant Deadlines from 2014-2015:

  • __________ Last day for faculty to submit proposals online for their division deans for approval.
  • __________ Last day for deans to approve proposals online and forward proposals to VPs for Instruction.
  • __________ Last day for VPIs to approve proposals online and submit proposals for funding.
  • __________ Funding decisions announced.
  • __________ Course completion date.  All course materials should be submitted for review electronically using a CANVAS course shell.